Lectures, Seminars and Publications

By Jean Arnold
By Terry Ehrlich
By Jean Arnold and Terry Ehrlich
By Rich Arnold


  • “Is Colorado Becoming a Tenant-Friendly State?  An Examination of the Mobile Home Park Act of 2010,” Jean C. Arnold and Kelley Shirk, DU Law Review, 2013.
  • Chapter 13: “The Construction Manager and the Design-Build Project,” Jean C. Arnold and Chris Squadra, Design Professional and Construction Manager Law, eds. Stephen A. Hess, Jerome V. Bales, P. Douglas Folk, L. Tyrlone Holt. 2007 American Bar Association.
  • “So Who Says You Can’t Get Paid?” – Collection Tools for the Construction Industry, Jean C. Arnold. Self-published 1994 – present [Updated annually]. Reprinted with permission by NACM and MSCC.
  • “A Step-by-Step Guide to Completing: Mechanic’s Lien and Notice of Intent; Notice Extending Time to File Lien Statement; Disburser’s Notice; Verified Claim; Notice Under Miller Act, Jean. C. Arnold. Self-published 2000 – present [Updated annually]. Reprinted with permission by NACM and MSCC.
  • “Collection Strategies: Use of Checks in the Construction Industry – Small Claims Court Litigation – Post Judgment Collections,” Terry Ehrlich and Jean C. Arnold. Self-published 2006 to present. Reprinted with permission by MSCC and National Business Institute.
  • “Judgment and Mechanic’s Liens – Colorado,” Jean C. Arnold and Terry Ehrlich. Self-published 2008. Reprinted with permission by National Business Institute.

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