Our Firm

Jean and Rich Arnold

Constructing Legal Solutions Since 1994

In 1994, our founding partners Richard and Jean Arnold established Arnold & Arnold, LLP to serve the legal needs of communities throughout greater Denver, the Front Range and the Foothills. Since that time, our firm has expanded into a regional practice dedicated to helping our clients find creative and effective solutions to their legal problems. We believe that the high number of repeat clients we serve is an ongoing testament to the quality of our work and commitment to our clients and our community.

Resolving Legal Disputes Without Burning Bridges

Combining our varied experiences and depth of knowledge, we meet the legal needs of our clients with an eye toward comprehensive, productive and creative solutions. We take a team approach to cases and work hard to provide our clients with high-quality representation and exceptional customer service in a wide variety of practice areas. Our attorneys specialize in family law, real estate law, construction law, estate planning, and creditor collection assistance. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in Colorado, Wyoming and Wisconsin.

Solving Problems, Not Making Them Worse

Our team is focused on solving problems, not on winning at any cost. Because litigation tends to be costly, stressful and time-consuming, we emphasize resolving problems outside of the courtroom. We are skilled in negotiation, mediation and arbitration – tools that can be powerful methods to resolve disputes productively and collaboratively. Many of our clients come to us because they want to resolve legal conflicts without the adversarial approach that courtroom litigation can require. However, we have the litigation experience it takes to vigorously protect our clients’ rights when trial is necessary.


Dedicated to Serving the Community

We believe the practice of law is about service, including service to our community. All of our attorneys regularly engage in volunteer work, both locally and abroad, with organizations as diverse as Metro Volunteer Lawyers, Habitat for Humanity, Peace Notes and the United Methodist Church. We run pro bono legal services at the St. Francis Center in central Denver, providing legal counselling for disadvantaged and homeless guests of the St. Francis Center.