Construction Law and Mechanics Liens

Protecting Subcontractors and Suppliers in Colorado

At Arnold & Arnold, we recognize that subcontractors and construction suppliers rely on maintaining good working relationships with general contractors. We provide reliable legal guidance at the outset of a project as contracts are developed. We also know that sometimes problems arise during the course of a job that require legal action. We work hard to provide creative legal solutions for construction disputes while respecting the other party and protecting your professional relationships.

Drafting and Reviewing Construction Contracts

A good contract can help you prevent disputes and protect you when conflicts do come up. Our experienced construction lawyers will draft and review contracts to ensure that your rights are protected and interests are represented, and that each party’s responsibilities are clearly outlined. We will make sure that you fully understand the terms and obligations before you agree to them.

Resolving Nonpayment Disputes

Unfortunately, contractors and owners sometimes claim that problems such as change orders, project delays, budgets or disputes over the scope of the work are sufficient reason to withhold payment from subcontractors and suppliers. When this happens, we will help you pursue a variety of legal methods to get the payment you are owed.  We are highly experienced in the following areas:

  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Disburser’s notices
  • Verified claims and bond claims
  • Miller Act claims (for federal cases)

Mechanic’s Liens

Mechanic’s liens are a powerful remedy for non-payment, but it is critical to prepare and file the lien correctly. Making a mistake on a lien can cost you your ability to recover payment for your work. We have extensive knowledge of the real estate and construction laws that are involved. Because we have an established practice in both construction law and creditor bankruptcy, we offer a valuable perspective and depth of understanding of debtor/creditor issues that few other firms in the area can offer.

Defending Against Construction Defect Claims

The Colorado Construction Defect Action and Reform Act (CDARA) lays out notice, inspection and remedy procedures that have to be followed before your case can go to court. Meeting these legal and procedural hurdles is crucial to the success of your case. With years of experience handling these types of cases, we are well-versed in the requirements set forth in CDARA. We will make sure that your case is handled professionally and ethically.

We will review your contract, insurance program and any correspondence you have had with the general contractor or owner. We will help you understand your rights in a complex insurance environment. Using the information we gather, we will analyze the problem and determine whether arbitration, mediation, litigation or negotiation is in your best interests.

Representing You in Construction Arbitration

Many construction contracts include arbitration clauses. We have extensive experience resolving construction law cases through arbitration. In fact, one of our founding partners, attorney Jean Arnold, is certified with the American Arbitration Association.

Our firm takes great pride in crafting dispute resolution strategies that will best meet our clients’ objectives. Our attorneys are skilled in arbitration, mediation, negotiation and courtroom litigation, you can count on us to find the method that will serve your short- and long-term goals effectively.

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