Litigation is not always the answer to your dispute. Often talking to the other party without a skilled facilitator will not result in resolution of the problem. Mediation may be the answer. Mediation places the resolution of the dispute in your control. You know your issues and have solutions in mind. A trained mediator can help parties resolve their conflicts by exploring the problem and facilitating constructive solutions that both parties will agree to. The solution to your dispute may be something that a court could never order. Additionally, mediation is always confidential.

Terry Ehrlich has practiced law since 1983 and has extensive experience with the realities parties will face in court. She understands that many parties are dissatisfied with Court rulings and desires to empower parties to resolve disputes themselves. Terry has received extensive training as a mediator under Judy Mares-Dixon, one of the Metro area’s best mediators, and has been mediating a variety of cases since April 2011 with Jefferson County Mediation Services. She has experience in mediating family law issues, contract disputes, commercial or business disputes, and collection issues, including those involving mechanic’s lien rights.

We can also provide you with a neutral location for your mediation at our offices in the Ken-Caryl Business Park – directly off of C-470 at the Ken-Caryl exit. We have three separate conference rooms available to host mediation sessions.

Please call Terry at 720-962-6010 if you have any questions about mediation and arrange your next mediation.