Real Estate

Legal Advice You Can Trust for Colorado Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Disputes

At Arnold & Arnold, LLP, our commercial real estate attorneys focus on helping our clients prevent legal problems and advocating for them when conflicts do arise. If you are involved in a real estate transaction or dispute, you can rely on us to protect your rights and handle your case professionally and competently at every step. Our founding partners, Jean and Richard Arnold, are experienced in both the transactional and litigation component of real estate matters. Whether you want to protect yourself from future conflicts or you are already in the midst of a real estate dispute, our lawyers have knowledge and dedication it takes to help you reach a successful outcome.

Protecting You in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

The legal process for buying and selling real estate in Colorado can be complex. Making sure that your matter is handled correctly from the get-go can save you from costly headaches down the road. We have extensive experience guiding clients through the many steps and deadlines involved in a purchase or sale. We will conduct due diligence, examining titles, easements, surveys, legal descriptions and warranty deeds. We will also review the financing aspect of commercial real estate transactions.

Because so much is at stake financially in these transactions, you cannot afford to make mistakes. The counsel of an experienced attorney is an important component of a successful purchase or sale. Whether you are a subcontractor, construction supplier or a member of the general business public involved in a real estate transaction, we are ready to help you.

At Your Side in Resolving Real Estate Disputes

Our firm is dedicated to helping our clients solve their real estate problems. We have extensive experience representing clients in commercial real estate disputes involving:

  • Quiet title law suits
  • Public trustee foreclosures (also called Rule 120 foreclosures)
  • Boundary and easement disputes

Our knowledge of real estate law is also a valuable asset to our construction law clients.

We are often able to use mediation or negotiation to resolve these kinds of disputes in a more cooperative, cost-effective and less adversarial manner. However, sometimes traditional litigation is necessary. In such an event, our seasoned litigators will zealously advocate for your best interests in the courtroom. We will work hard to pursue the most effective method of reaching productive and positive outcome, no matter what the conflict.