Bankruptcy Proof of Claim Made Easy!

Did a debtor that owed you money just file for bankruptcy? Now you can file a proof of claim form with the Colorado Bankruptcy Court online.

First, fill out the proof of claim form, which can be found at:

You will need the Colorado Bankruptcy Court number, the debtor’s name, the amount owed and any documents that support your amount owed.

Scan and electronically save your proof of claim with any attachments and then go here for filing:

Click on the live link at the bottom of the webpage “Online Proof of Claim.” You will be led through a series of filing boxes and will be able to upload your proof claim to the Colorado Bankruptcy Court’s filing site.

If you are trying to file in a No Asset Chapter 7 case, you will not be allowed to file a proof of claim until the Court changes the case designation and invites creditors to file a proof of claim.

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Jean Arnold, Esq. and Kelley Shirk, Esq.