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Arnold & Arnold invites you to enjoy an afternoon of chamber music in June

Arnold & Arnold is proud to announce its sponsorship of a June benefit concert for world music education.

Arnold & Arnold is partnering with Peace Notes, Inc. to put on the recital. Peace Notes is an international charity and registered 501(c)(3) committed to supporting music education in areas of the world ravaged by war and political upheaval. 

Off to the Races

It may not come as a surprise to many, but the legal field can be competitive. This year several members of the A&A team found outlets for their competitive edge in the pursuit of a finish line.

4 Common Taxes Affecting Probate Transfers

1. Ordinary Income Tax:  This is the income tax reported annually in tax returns by most working adults. Additionally, a tax return for the decedent's final year is usually required. For example, if a person dies on August 15, 2014, the Personal Representative will need to file a return by April 15, 2015 for the decedent's 2014 income. The return is marked "Final Return" on the first page. 

10 Steps to Reviewing a Construction Contract

Construction contracts can consist of: Contract Agreement (general contract, subcontract, rental contract or Sales Contract); Purchase Order; Terms and Conditions; Proposals or Quotes; and Credit Agreements.  The following are 10 steps in reviewing any of these kinds of agreements: 

What is a Mechanic's Lien?

A mechanic's lien is a security interest (similar to a mortgage) in real estate upon which the construction work was performed or upon the property benefited by the work. The Colorado mechanic's lien law provides remedies for most privately-owned projects located in the State of Colorado. The statutes that govern Colorado Mechanic's Liens can mostly be found in Sections 38-22-101, et seq. C.R.S. 

Construction Projects and Remedies for Non-Payment

If you are not getting paid on a construction project, there are possible remedies to securing payment. The tools available to collect the monies owed to you depend on the circumstances.